Week 8

This weeks task is to talk about community groups. I am part of community sporting groups including, tennis, basketball, netball, swimming, water polo, lacrosse and volley ball. I am going to tell you some pros and cons of being in a community sporting group.



You make friends Waking up early
You learn new things Takes up lots of time
You get to travel for sport
It’s fun
Keeps you fit
Opportunities to be a leader


As you can see there  many positives for being in a sporting group.  There are also many responsibilities for you to take on too.  You can become a captain or vice captain and when you are older you can even become the coach so you can help others learn new things and get better at the sport.  It’s easy to find a club to join.  All you need to do is find a sport or hobby that you enjoy doing and look them up online, or ask a friend.


There are many values of being in a community, such as building relationships to make friends, learning to work in a team, being courageous, trying new things and helping other people.


Week 7

This week I decided to tell you 10  types of things we sell in our school canteen.

1.  Pastas

2.  Pizza

3. Ice blocks

4. Rolls and sandwiches

5. Cookies

6. Sushi

7. Focaccia

8. Stir fry

9. Chips

10. Juices and other drinks

Please comment your blogs URL.

I hope you enjoy reading this post.


Activity 6


This week I did  Activity 1 it was to comment on other peoples blogs.

These are the comment I left

Hi Katie,
I really enjoyed reading this post.
It was a really short Paragraph but it gave me a clear picture of what it looked like.
Great Job !

Come have a look at my blog :


Hi Hannah,
I really enjoyed reading the tree narrative it was very descriptive.
I also thought that it was a great idea to have a photo of what you were describing and talking about.
Come check out my blog!
Liv from Australia.



Activity 5

Where in the world?

I have created a quiz for you to do.  I reviewed many different activities from other Bloggers. This is a URL to a blog that helped me think of this idea: http://huzzah.edublogs.org/

You may have noticed that a answer has already been done. I think there must be a glitch in the program. I can’t seem to get of it.

    1. Where is the Effiel Tower?

      United States of America


      2.Where is the Statue of Liberty?


      United Kingdom

      United States of America
      3.Where are the Pyramids?



      4.Where is the Sydney Opera House?



      5.Where is the Leaning Tower of Pisa?



      6.Where is Big Ben?

      United States of America

      United Kingdom



How Did you go? Comment down below with your score please


Activity 4

I read Mrs Smiths post about being prepared for an emergency.

I learnt a lot about how to keep safe and what things I would need to think about taking with me in the event of an emergency.

This is my comment that I left on her blog so I can help others prepare.


Dear Mrs Smith,

I found your post very interesting.  It is important to make sure that you are prepared for any emergency event, such as fires, floods or earthquakes.

I have created a list of things to ‘grab and go’ if there was an emergency where I lived.  If I  had to leave in a hurry I would take:

1) Unopened bottle of water
2) Travel first aid kit
3) A non perishable snack (something in a can)
4) Mobile phone – to contact people
5) Torch – in case there is no light
6) Warm clothing – if it’s cold
7) Toiletries – such as tissues
8) Garbage bags – to act as a raincoat and sleeping bag if need be

I think it is very important to make sure you at prepared for an emergency event.

Here is my blog URL: http://liv6wildy.edublogs.org/

kind regards,


This is the URL to her blog: http://huzzah.edublogs.org/2016/10/29/emergency/

I suggest you have a read of her blog. It is very useful!


Doggy’s day out

 Hi everyone,

This is my narrative. The language features are high lighted in colours. I hope you enjoy reading it.


I woke up in the morning, jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom.  I went down for breakfast, my mum had prepared it for me luckily because I was so hungry I could have eaten a whole horse.  I dressed myself and I was so excited that my tail was whipping around in the air.  It was moving so fast it felt like it was going to fall off. Mum said “We were doing something special so be downstairs by the door at 9am sharp”. I leaped down the stairs to the front door.  Mum had packed my bathers, skateboard and my lead.  My lead was calling out “take me for a walk, take me for a walk”.  I was trying to think of where we could be going, we hopped in the car and off we went.  I was trying to look through the window to figure out where we were going.  I then realised this was the way to the beach.  I was so excited my heart started racing.  When we arrived mum set me down, I put my bathers on and my lead then ran across the stinging hot sand and straight into the crystal blue water.  It was the best day ever. 


My Avatar

My avatar describes me because I have long brown hair and brown eyes.  I like the colour purple and I like wearing skirts in the summer time. One of my favourite flowers are daisies too.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.38.14 PM

Creative commons



This photo is so cute.

I know that this photo is illegal if it doesn’t have a bibliography.

I used a site called photos for class where the bibliography is already done for you.

If you don’t have a bibliography you need to find information about the picture.  To make  a bibliography use the referencing generator on our Wildy Library blog.

So it shows you are not stealing their credit.